The Rick & Clo Tech Show: Backing up your data to Google Drive

In this episode of The Rick & Clo Tech Show, Rick shares a revelation with Chloe; something she’s been under-utilising for quite some time…Google Drive.

The Rick & Clo Tech Show: The role of technology in identity management

Rick shares some insights into how technology will evolve over time, particularly within healthcare, and how it will also allow individuals to be in control of their identity.

The Rick & Clo Tech Show: Why you need a custom user interface

“You can take complex technology, wrap it in a custom user interface and do amazing things. And the person doesn’t have to be a technologist to use it.”

The Rick & Clo Tech Show: Improve your camera quality for video calls

In this episode we focus on the new remote working era. See the vast improvements made to Chloe’s camera quality with just a few simple changes.

The Rick & Clo Tech Show: The Art of Efficiency

We kick off The Rick & Clo Tech Show with a bang. Talking about the art of efficiency, Rick tells Chloe all about something exciting he’s working on for a client right now. Imagine a process that takes, on average, 2-3 days to complete, and turning it into something that now takes a matter of […]