Tech We Like: October

In October’s Tech We Like, we’re reminded of good old Microsoft PowerPoint. And then we take a trip into the future with robotics!

Tech We Like: August

In this episode of Tech We Like, we make video editing easy. And we’re all treated to a science lesson if we ever decided to make our own beer… like Mike!

Tech We Like: July

In July’s Tech We Like, we’re introduced to a free piece of software that uses artificial intelligence to screen out background noise from your video calls!

Tech We Like: June

In June’s episode of Tech We Like, we talk about a bread knife (techy, right?!) and there is controversy within the team about the longevity of keyboards…

Tech We Like: May

In May’s episode of Tech We Like, find out how you’ll always be discoverable wherever you are in the world, and watch the moment one of our engineers, Myke, let’s us in on some BIG news!

Tech We Like: April

In April’s episode of Tech We Like, we cover everything from a parent’s best friend, right through to radio navigation.