Dan Kirby here, CEO and Co-Founder of The Tech Dept. We have a big announcement today about my new podcast, Honey, I Blew Up The Business.

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In Spring 2017 things were rocking for The Tech Dept. Record profits, industry awards and international travel. But then BOOM! Everything went wrong.

This is very much a personal project from me. You can learn all the gory details in the Podcast Trailer.


  • I had flamed out my business and personal life
  • On my backside, I was going to stay there or get over myself
  • So I started a learning process that won’t ever end
  • Because I’m not having all that happen again!
  • The podcast is part of that

I am on a mission to help other business owners avoid my self-sabotage, to reduce unnecessary suffering and create joyful lives. Graciously, The Tech Dept is supporting my efforts.

What’s it all about?

Every week I interview experienced, open, business owners to learn how they’ve turned adversity & failure into growth & success.

The first three guests on Honey, I Blew Up The Business are:

  • Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach – the world’s number 1 entrepreneurial coach
Episode 1 - Dan Sullivan
  • Tracey Shirtcliff of The Virtu Group – turned £80 into £10s of millions and a yacht in Cannes
Episode 2 - Tracey Shirtcliff
  • Scott Morrison of The Boom! – kick-ass creative philosopher king
Episode 3 - Scott Morrison

So if you’re interested in learning from entrepreneurs that have “been there and done that” please subscribe to the podcast. And don’t forget to rate and review:

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Happy listening!

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