Another month has passed and another set of incredible guests have been interviewed by our CEO & Co-Founder, Dan Kirby, for his podcast: Honey, I Blew Up The Business. He is on a mission to help other business owners avoid his self-inflicted-sabotage, since he blew up the business back in 2017, so he’s interviewing top entrepreneurs to see how they’ve turned adversity and failure into growth and success.

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Here’s August’s best bits from the podcast to help you NOT blow up your business.

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Podcast Special Guests:

Adah Parris, Entrepreneur and Artist

After a dramatic car crash in the USA in 1991, Adah suffered complete memory loss. She has literally had to reinvent herself, and in this episode, Dan and Adah talk about reinventing your career.

Podcast episode 13: Adah Parris
Adah Parris

Top tip: “You've got to look after yourself first” – if you have a Ferrari you would look after it, so why don't you care for yourself the same way? Burnout is dangerous.

Listen to Adah’s podcast episode here.

Dr Marilyn Comrie OBE, Pioneer for Change and Serial Social Entrepreneur

Dr Marilyn Comrie OBE talks about how to confront the unknown and live the hero’s journey. They also discuss the importance of family, creativity and play.

Dr Marilyn Comrie OBE

Top tip: Life is not meant to simply exist: “life is about those highs and lows so you should embrace them.” It is like a “refining fire that .. transforms your base self…into your brilliant best.”

Listen to Dr Marilyn’s podcast episode here.

Alan Heary, High-Performance Mental Fitness Coach

Alan shares the secrets of achieving BIG and seemingly insurmountable goals, how to get stronger and how to drastically increase your performance over time.

Podcast episode 15: Alan Heary
Alan Heary

Top tip: “Affirmations are useless” – it’s not about positive thinking, it’s about positive action.

Listen to Alan’s podcast episode here.

Mark Bryant, Wellness Entrepreneur

After overcoming a 2012 business meltdown and building back the business, Mark was flying high. Then, in 2015, he was given 6 months to live. Dan explores Mark’s entrepreneurial healing journey, which started by learning how to connect to the present moment.

Podcast episode 16: Mark Bryant
Mark Bryant

Top tip: If the experience of any activity is not uplifting after it’s completion, then it is an addiction and comes from an unconscious injury that needs healing.

Listen to Mark’s podcast episode here.

Katy Baxter, CEO and Director at Baxter Financial

In times of crisis, Katy shares how to keep a cool head, why it is important to brace yourself for the future in the good times, and how to keep yourself adaptable in an ever changing world.

Podcast episode 17: Katy Baxter
Katy Baxter

Top tip: “Don’t take advice from friends and loved ones.” As nice as it is to hear compliments from your close circle, the best advice comes from those writing the cheques.

Listen to Katy’s podcast episode here.

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