It’s been 1 month since our CEO & Co-Founder, Dan Kirby, released his new podcast: Honey, I Blew Up The Business. Since the launch, he’s had some very candid conversations with incredible entrepreneurs about the failures within business that don’t often get spoken about.

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Every month, we’ll be rounding up the best bits from the podcast to help you NOT blow up your business.

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Podcast Special Guests:

Dan Sullivan, Founder and President at Strategic Coach

Dan shares 50 years of entrepreneurial wisdom, why entrepreneurs need to have a team and why the day that he got divorced and went bankrupt was the single greatest learning experience of his life.

Podcast Episode 1: Dan Sullivan
Dan Sullivan

Top tip: Procrastination is a form of wisdom. Your past experience tells you what you’re planning involves work that isn't right for you to do – but there are plenty of people who could help you, they are your Who’s.

Listen to Dan’s podcast episode here.

Tracey Shirtcliff, Founder and CEO at The Virtu Group

Tracey shares the single experience that led her to leave the corporate world, life's only guarantee and the importance of emotional state in entrepreneurship.

Tracey Shirtcliff

Top tip: Just Do It: “regret is a greater emotion than fear”

Listen to Tracey’s podcast episode here.

Scott Morrison, Founder and Bringer of The Boom!

Scott shares the advice given by his father that heavily influenced this journey, that entrepreneurs must leverage the power of simplicity and why he listened too much to some people and not enough to others.

Podcast Episode 3: Scott Morrison
Scott Morrison

Top tip: Keep looking for “creative outlets” because a lack of creativity creates a feeling of tension

Listen to Scott’s podcast episode here.

Geoff Heath OBE, Non-Executive Director at The Tech Dept™

Geoff shares his top three business principles and why entrepreneurs should get on with it (if it’s working!) and stop chasing empty wagons.

Geoff Heath OBE

Top tip: Entrepreneurs should avoid “chasing empty wagons”. Geoff describes an empty wagon as something that looks great as it goes down the railway track but doesn’t have anything in it.

Listen to Geoff’s podcast episode here.

Charlie Reading, Managing Director at Efficient Portfolio

Charlie reflects on the fact that entrepreneurs can’t ignore health in their quest for a work-life balance and why creating systems is more important than simply setting goals.

Podcast Episode 5: Charlie Reading
Charlie Reading

Top tip: Health, wellbeing and fitness are often ignored when we create the vision of our future. Charlie shares “to live my best life with my wife and daughters, then I’ve got to be in the best shape of my life”.

Listen to Charlie’s podcast episode here.

Ian Hambleton, CEO of Maze Theory

Ian draws on his immense experience to share insights about how he learned the value of honesty, vulnerability and resilience.

Ian Hambleton

Top tip: Subtraction of ego and the addition of honesty and vulnerability helps you become a better leader…and know when to get out of your own way.

Listen to Ian’s podcast episode here.

Carl Castledine, CEO at Away Resorts

Carl shares how the challenges of the pandemic have challenged him to take a step back and examine what’s really important. This greater awareness – and mind-management tools like “boxing your chimp” – have helped him discover a higher purpose within his business.

Podcast Episode 7: Carl Castledine
Carl Castledine

Top tip: Forget finding a niche. Instead, find a massive slice of the market that is currently being “served by mediocrity” and then dominate with a better product or service for that market segment.

Listen to Carl’s podcast episode here.

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